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First Conference: Part 1

Feelings going to day one of my first writer's conference tomorrow.

Whew! What a first day of learning writing in person with a professional. I took a lot of notes in today's workshop with Dave Farland.

To be honest it was really just a bunch of lectures bunched onto one day. I was kind of expecting exercises and things of that nature, but it's ok. I still think there were some useful tools that I learned in his class so I'm glad that I went.

It was really interesting to be an attendee of a workshop. So often I'm the one up front giving the workshops (as a coder) and it was kinda fun experiencing things as an attendee. I also developed a greater sympathy for attendees who are exhausted by the end of a long workshop day. 😩

Mostly I had much of what I've been studying re-affirmed which is good. The more that I hear this stuff, the more it internalize it and the more likely I'll be to remember it. Even better, eventually it'll become second nature to me and the concepts will show through in my planning and writing as the words leave my fingers which will save me time in the long run. That's my hope anyway.

What I enjoyed almost more than the class was meeting people. I had wonderful conversations with all kinds of writers during the breaks and I went to lunch with a great group of authors. This great experience made me even more excited about going to the conference these next few days.

I also spent a couple hours this evening updating the writing corner of this website to be a bit better including fixing the subscribe form to subscribe you to my writing newsletter (rather than my coding one). So if you'd like to hear about my adventures writing, please subscribe!

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