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Testing Node.js Applications Workshop

Increase your confidence in deploying Node.js-based backends

Backends hold so much of our application's business logic that is often used to support multiple clients (web, mobile, and other native platforms). This logic is critical to get right and deploying a breaking change to this can be devastating to your company's goals (not to mention the bottom-line). Increasing your "deployment confidence" is crucial and automated testing is the best way to do that.

As Node.js continues to grow in usage around the world, learning how to test this mission-critical code in a way that increases developer velocity as well as confidence becomes increasingly important. In this workshop we use an Express.js example and focus on the patterns and practices that you need to learn so you can apply what you learn to test your code written in any Node.js web framework.


  • Write unit tests for pure functions
  • Write unit tests for "Controller" modules
  • Write unit tests for Express.js middleware
  • Write integration for API routes
  • Mocking third party dependencies
  • Testing authenticated code


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