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Testing Fundamentals Workshop

Get a solid understanding of automated testing

Do you know what a testing framework does? Do you know what makes a testing framework different from a testing or assertion library? Do you know how and when to create mock versions of JavaScript modules? The best way to use a tool effectively is to understand how it works. And the best way to understand how a tool works is by making it yourself!

In this workshop, we’ll learn how testing frameworks, assertion libraries, and mocking libraries work by building our own, simple version of each.


  • Make the simplest form of a test module and run it with node without any libraries
  • Simplify our test with our own assertion library
  • Isolate tests with our own testing framework
  • Support async tests
  • Why and when should you mock JavaScript modules and functions?
  • Use monkey-patch mocking
  • Make assertions to ensure you’re calling the mocked functions correctly
  • Mock an entire module


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