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React Hooks Workshop

React is improving. There are better patterns and practices that are an entirely new approach to developing components and managing state in your React applications.

If you've been developing React applications for years, or if you are just getting started one thing is certain.

You need to learn how to use React Hooks.

Constantly needing to learn new APIs is challenging. Not only do you have directory after directory of components that are now doomed to be classified as "legacy", but you've got a whole team that needs to learn these new approaches.

You can continue coding your React components the old way, but the longer you stick with it, the harder it is going to be to change.

Not to mention Hooks are really really good.

When you migrate to React Hooks you can:

  • remove tons of code: you just won't need it anymore
  • simplify state management: guess what, you probably don't need a library like Redux anymore
  • understand your application better

Wouldn't it be nice to skip to the punchline and learn how to start using Hooks right now?

You can.

Hi, I'm Kent C. Dodds and in my latest workshop I'll teach you the ins and outs of React Hooks. I will take you on a deep dive into React Hooks, and show you what you need to know to start using them in your applications right away.

When you are done you will:

  • manage state like a pro with useState.
  • Interact with the DOM useRef and useEffect
  • make HTTP requests like a boss 😎 with useEffect
  • Create custom hooks to organize and reuse component logic


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