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Modern JavaScript Workshop

Get up to speed on the latest, most useful JavaScript features to level up your programming

The ECMAScript standard is now on a yearly release cycle. The 9th edition, released in 2018, features async iteration, promise.protoype.finally(), rest/spread, and updates to RegExp, and those join a plethora of other powerful features released in the last few years.

For experienced programmers, keeping up with these features makes you more productive, your code more expressive and maintainable, and your projects better in the long run.

JavaScript is always improving, and when you keep up with all the updates, you can keep improving, too.

The Workshop

In this workshop, we'll explore the features from ES6 to today that you're likely to use and benefit from on a day-to-day basis.

By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • develop a new set of JavaScript skills to level up your programming
  • get to know new object and array operators and syntax
  • deepen your understanding of features like let and const
  • be up to date with the best JavaScript tools available


  • Simple ES6 features like let, const, and template literals
  • New object and array operators and syntax like destructuring, rest and spread, and object literal syntax enhancements
  • New function syntax and operators like arrow functions and rest/spread
  • Data structures like map/set and their weak counterparts
  • And more!


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