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Cypress Fundamentals Workshop

Use Cypress to write end-to-end tests and be confident that the whole app works together.

Cypress is an incredibly powerful web testing tool. It’s capable of testing any web application. Its architecture places it a cut above similar end-to-end testing tools. Its developer experience is best-in-class. And because Cypress runs your tests in the same context as the rest of your application, you’re able to get speed, reliability, and debuggability that are just a long-distant dream with similar tools. The catch? There is no catch. Cypress is exceptional.

In this workshop, we’ll go over how you can install, configure, and script Cypress to test modern, real-world JavaScript web applications.


  • Install and run Cypress on an existing application
  • Write simple Cypress tests
  • Write complex Cypress tests that rely on authentication
  • Create custom Cypress commands
  • Debugging Cypress Tests
  • Using Cypress to enhance your development workflow
  • Mock HTTP requests to test failure situations

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