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Build React Applications (Part 3) Workshop

Use advanced techniques to optimize ReactJS applications

We've built the first iteration of a React app, but now it's time to optimize our app for performance and maintenance. In this workshop we’ll build upon the application we built in the first part of this workshop (Build ReactJS Applications) and improve it using proven tools and techniques. We’ll cover everything you're likely to run into when building frontend React applications like application state management, performance profiling and optimizations, and creating reusable components and hooks.


  • Manage global application state with context
  • Use React's Suspense feature for code-splitting
  • Build flexible reusable components and hooks
  • Profile application for performance optimizations


  • Attend my Build ReactJS Applications, or have equivalent experience building React applications with custom React components and the basic React hooks.
  • Attend my Advanced React Hooks Workshop, or have the equivalent basic experience of using advanced hooks. You should be experienced with useContext, useReducer, useMemo, and useCallback.

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