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Asynchronous JavaScript Workshop

Get up to speed with JavaScript’s built-in APIs and syntax for asynchronous programming

One of JavaScript’s strengths is what’s called the “event loop.” This one language architectural element forms a lot about how you program and interact with JavaScript in your day-to-day. In recent years, JavaScript has made leaps and bounds in the built-in standard library and syntax to allow for better asynchronous patterns.

Two commonly used patterns are:

  • The Promises API, which represents the eventual completion of an operation.
  • Async/await syntax, which pauses the execution of a function until that promise is settled.

Together, these two patterns allow you to create asynchronous code that is easy to follow, readable, and behaves more or less like synchronous code.

Hi, I'm Kent C. Dodds and in my latest workshop, we’ll take a deep dive into Promises and async/await to improve your asynchronous programming.

When you're done you will:

  • write asynchronous functions with async/await
  • create promises to resolve JSON objects
  • see how these two patterns relate to one another
  • have a strong understanding of how async code works in JavaScript with these patterns
  • write more readable, easy-to-follow async code.


  • Understanding JavaScript’s Event Loop
  • Callbacks
  • Promises (very deep dive)
  • Async/await


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